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MOOSE & SQUIRREL street art


Moose & Squirrel is a first class showcase of Street Art in the heart of historic downtown Medicine Hat.  During special events and Wednesday’s Alive After 5 Summer Night Market there is an emphasis on vendors that sell original art and handcrafted items, unique imports or collectables.  Moose & Squirrel is an experience for the whole family and will quickly become a summertime favorite destination!

If you ask Ian and Carrie, they will tell you that Medicine Hat, or the Hat as it’s called locally, chose them.  It’s unique blend of culture, the arts, dining, shopping, boutiques, parks and historic buildings make it the perfect back drop for the Artisan Village.

The historical downtown Medicine Hat is full of beautiful architecture, arts and culture, gleaming businesses and really wonderful people – you might also be pleased to know it’s one of the sunniest cities in all of Canada! Downtown’s architecture comes from the days of the Canadian Pacific Railway as well as the discoveries of clay, coal and natural gas.
"There is so much to do and learn here in the historical downtown Medicine Hat and we are pleased to welcome you to Moose & Squirrel!"
Medicine Hat is home to plenty of energy resources, farms, coal mines, flour mills and pottery and glass plants. And as it has grown, so has its agricultural capabilities regarding livestock and crops. Medicine Hat is known for its great quality of life, affordable living costs and its lively downtown core.

But downtown Medicine Hat is more than just a southern Alberta destination – it’s a smaller city core that’s booming with identity and culture thanks to the beautiful railway inspired brick buildings, unique coffee shops, one-of-a-kind breweries, and locally owned small businesses.

Murals and Public Art


Medicine Hat is beautiful. An artsy, intimate city. A stomping ground for talented artists, both local and international, our downtown is a city of murals.

So start your ArtWalk at the Moose and Squirrel, and then wander our alleys, streets, galleries and parks.

The downtown core is the perfect place to experience a mix of old and new. There is so much to do in this beautiful city.


Moose and Squirrel Bistro is passionate about art. If you are an artist and would like to do a mural, or have a spot to showcase your talents, contact us.