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Changing the face of 2nd Street

Changing the face of 2nd Street

In the last year,

Downtown Medicine Hat

has come back to life all thanks to the new, unique and vibrant businesses opening their doors. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the downtown core had lots of vacancies but thankfully this has changed. Here at Moose & Squirrel, we just celebrated our grand opening this month and we are excited to be a part of the downtown’s revitalization. The land where our business sits was abandoned and vacant for more than 16 years but now it is home to Southern Alberta’s only Artisan Village. We’ve taken this forgotten plot of land and transformed it into something beautiful and by doing this we’ve changed the face of 2nd Street.

Joining us along 2nd Street are many other newly opened and vibrant retailers such as The Mezz Bar & Eatery which name is inspired by the Beveridge’s iconic stairwell and mezzanine. If you’re unfamiliar with the Beveridge, it is a prominent two-storey historical building that has been a part of 2nd Street since 1911. This classic building is a perfect representation of Medicine Hat’s economic growth prior to WW1. The name Beveridge comes from James Beveridge – an iconic businessman and developer who helped construct multiple offices and businesses within the city. The Beveridge has been home to a variety of businesses throughout the years but today it is home to two restaurants: The newly opened Mezz Bar & Eatery and The 1911 Lounge, as well as Heritage Events – a local event company.

Another great neighbour who we are joining on 2nd Street is the locally owned and operated Redcliff Bakery & Eatery. Redcliff Bakery has been providing Medicine Hat and the surrounding area with hand crafted baked goods and bread since it was established in 1993. In addition to getting your hands on some sweet treats, you can also indulge in some lunch specials such as soup and sandwiches or you can order a birthday cake from their custom cake department. Once you walk through their doors and smell the fresh baked goods you won’t be disappointed!

Next, we would like to shine a spotlight on The Page & Whisker, a one of a kind used bookstore and cat adoption centre. Who doesn’t love books and cats!? This veteran owned and operated business comes to Medicine Hat with a team equipped with more than 30 years of experience in used-book sales, animal welfare and non-profit organization operating. This bookstore has a beautiful selection of used books and with the friendly staff and cute kitties, this place is truly like no other.

Lastly, Avara Garden Centre is another business that recently joined 2nd Street which sells premium Alberta-grown plants while also specializing in landscaping, property care and decks and fencing. Avara Garden Centre is downtown Medicine Hat’s hub for beauty. Their large variety of beautiful and colourful plants bring life back to downtown. Something all of these businesses have done over the last year.

But we are also pleased to be joining neighbours who have been here on 2nd Street for several years, including the Monarch Theatre. This beautiful landmark was also built in 1911 – the same year the Beveridge was constructed. This theatre was a first of its kind in Canada, being a motion picture theatre and amusement house and was the largest theatre in Medicine Hat. As one of the city’s most prominent icons, the Monarch Theatre represents the community’s dedication to historic preservation and its entertainment and cultural history.

All of these wonderful businesses make up the beautiful downtown core and Moose & Squirrel Artisan Village is pleased to be joining them. Medicine Hat’s downtown is coming back to life and the streets are starting to buzz again. The charming old buildings and new developments compliment the streets that have been painted with murals and decorated with gas lamps and flowers. The downtown core is a perfect combination of new and old and we have essentially changed the face of 2nd Street. There is so much to see and do here, and we can’t wait to see you!