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Waterfront District Development

Waterfront District Development

Downtown Medicine Hat

has displayed amazing growth over the last year and with new businesses opening their doors, the revitalization of old destinations and the approval of new developments and projects, the city’s downtown core is coming back to life. Here at the Moose & Squirrel we are eager to be a part of this and something we are looking forward to is Phase 1 of the Waterfront District Development – construction on the new Town Square where the parking lot across from city hall is located. This project comes after the city was awarded a whopping $7.5 million through provincial stimulus grants as well as approval for using $10.9 million in long-term federal grants for projects this year. The start of this project means another unused plot of land will come to life in the downtown, creating a gateway to the new waterfront district and allowing for direct access to the South Saskatchewan River.

This project is part of Medicine Hat’s 2020 myMH Master Plan which is a 30-year blueprint for the city’s future, in terms of growth and redevelopment. The Waterfront District Development will allow for unique events and entertainment opportunities while utilizing the beautiful surrounding river and in turn, creating a high-density area filled with locals and tourists alike. This will become a prominent attraction for our city with outdoor, recreational, retail and unique experiences in our historical downtown. The revitalization of this key area will transform the unused land into a cultural and lively area with outdoor events, concerts, fitness activities, food trucks and pop-up markets. This project will create endless opportunities in the city that other businesses in the area will be able to enjoy. Work on the project begun this year in 2021 with Invest Medicine Hat and the City of Medicine Hat advancing infrastructure projects needed for connecting nearby neighbourhoods to the Waterfront District.

The Waterfront District Development will stretch along 1 kilometer of riverfront land stretching from the library all the way to the Athletic Park. Unique features will include an enhanced walkway beside the river, natural playground, outdoor market areas and more – providing up to 12 commercial opportunities. And looking into the future of our beautiful city, it is expected that through the next 10-20 years, the Waterfront District will become Medicine Hat’s number 1 premier destination all thanks to the most important asset – the South Saskatchewan River. To compliment this, more than 1,000 new housing units are being proposed as part of the ‘Urban Village’ vision, along with new office spaces and retail opportunities. It is expected that the Waterfront District will see more than $300 million in investments along with the construction phase adding $700 million in business sales related to economic activity.

To recap, the Waterfront District is a vital part of the revitalization of downtown Medicine Hat because it will bring new living opportunities just steps away from downtown shopping, entertainment events and cultural experiences. This project will bring our beloved residents and valued tourists together in an outdoor space along the South Saskatchewan River – a beautiful body of water we should have been utilizing before. By having this access, we will have a new connection with nature as well as new opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. This new waterfront will also bring a significant economic boost to the city by creating new spaces for more new businesses. Lastly, the Waterfront District will mix new developments with historical elements – complimenting the heritage of the downtown core while providing a streetscape like no other.
The new Town Square will be located at 603 1st Street and will be the gateway to the Waterfront District. This redevelopment is the critical first step in bringing vibrant entertainment, urban living and retail opportunities to the downtown core. You can expect pop-up markets, food trucks, concerts, sporting events, festivals and more here in the spring, summer and fall. By the late fall and winter seasons, you can except an outdoor skating rink, winter themed festivals, events and more. We at the Moose & Squirrel know how impactful this project will be and what it means for our city.