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White Sangria

White Sangria, a Sunday Funday fav!

I thought the story of our signature White Sangria was share worthy. As many of you know Ian and I have been bartenders for many years. Our signature Red has been on the map and a fav for a long time, but we needed a white. Not white drinkers, we spent many hours combining flavours to come up with a white recipe that was as amazing as the red.

I was getting to the point of settling when I was introduced to Tempo Strawberry Gin, I immediately knew it was missing piece I had been searching for and it has been a huge hit!!

White Sangria
-White Wine
-Strawberry Gin
-Triple Sec
-Juice blend and Soda
-Fruit and Rose shaped ice cubes

Red Sangria
-Red Wine
-House infused Cherry Brandy
-Triple Sec
-Juice blend and Soda
-Berries and Rose shaped ice cubes

Only by the pitcher, best enjoyed while lounging in the sun 🌞

Thanks to Tempo Craft Gin for the inspiration